So many feelings inside one human head!

How do you contain so many conflicting emotions inside one human head?

Last night I was like a kid the night before Christmas. I couldn't sleep, I was so excited to be finally ready, or almost ready to be launching into this new adventure - a real life grown-up website. I felt exactly like a kid but yet I feel like I am doing something so adult! I am learning to live in this space that is completely conflicted emotions, and seeing it as a good thing.

It is ok to feel both fear and excitement, terror and exhilaration, joy and sadness. It is learning to just not let one snuff the other nor the one cause me to hide from the other and live in a state of denial.

This is a journey, one I don't know that I will ever 'arrive' in but I am hoping that I will get more and more comfortable at living with the inner conflict.

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