'WHERE PEACE IS FOUND' is an original acyrilic artwork on canvas by Kim Miatke (Melbourne, VIC).  © Kim Miatke 


This is her story....


'Where Peace is found.'


This painting is the outflow of these thoughts....

Lately my heart has been a rollercoaster full of emotions.  Fear, anger, worry, sadness, excitement, relief, hope and everything in between.  

Yet it was peace that I wanted, it was peace I longed for.


Each night I layed down to sleep I asked for an answer, I longed for breakthrough, for relief from the battle happening within me.


Eventually, tired, worn out and spent. I sat down and deep within my heart said "I'm done, I give up, I can't find relief or peace".  It was right there in the stopping, in the letting go, in the pausing, in the resting, that I found peace.  I slowed down my thoughts, stopped focusing on the problems and started looking at the possibilities.  I stopped fixating on the one issue, lifted my head and slowly taking in the the space around me, I began to really actually see the beauty I was surrounded by. 


In this sweet space of natures serenity my focus was adjusted, my lense recalibrated and my heart realigned.  It was here I found peace.


This painting is that place where peace was found.

May you sense, feel, experience and find peace as you let your eyes ponder it's story.

Kim xx


This Artwork is a reflection of these thoughts.

36"x36"/91 x 91cm acrylic painted artwork on canvas, sealed and ready to hang on your wall.


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  • 36" x 36" (91 x 91cm)

    Acrylic painted artwork on canvas, sealed and ready to hang on your wall.


    Colour may vary slightly from monitor to monitor, screen to screen, and there may be minor differences in colour between on-screen images and actual product.  Often times, the prints appear richer in real life. 


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