This is a one of a kind hand-painted and handmade clutch,

that once belonged to a big beautiful original canvas artwork by Kim Miatke.

Now the joy is spread across a small number of unique clutch bags.

No two are the same. They share the same name but all look

a bit different and have their own number.


Here is the story of this artwork. Our hope is that it will speak to your heart as much as the art delights your eyes.



Have you ever started something, feeling like youcan do it, like you will conquer it...... only to get partway in, and find yourself feeling the exact opposite? Have you ever thrown the towel in? Given up? Spoken all kinds of unkind, unhelpful, ugly words about yourself?


Unfortunately, I am way to familiar with this scenario. I started this canvas with so much hope, promise & joy, only to end up rolling it up and heading toward the bin.


But, Andi (luckily) in her wisdom, stepped in, suggestingthat I should just pop it away for a while & maybe revisit it another time.


6 months later ... with fresh eyes, I gave it another shot. I put no expectation on myself other than,enjoy the process no matter what the outcome.


The result is what you see today. And, I actually love it. It is titled ‘New Beginnings’. We are all like this clutch, we too deserve a new beginning. The chance for a fresh start. The opportunity to try again. The space to enjoy the process without worrying about the end result.


As you carry this clutch may your eyes be opened to the new beginnings, the fresh starts & permission to not just enjoy, but to embrace the process of learning how to do life, your life, in your own unique way.

with love & joy 

Kim xx


Here's some tips on how to love me well:

(ie. care instructions)



- take me out to dinner

- take me shopping

- gently wipe me with a damp cloth if I get a bit dirty

- take me to the movies

- take me on a date

- show me off to your friends #kimmiatkeart

- fill me with heaps of cash, if not, lollies will do



- take me swimming, I won’t survive underwater

eg. washing machines and I aren’t friends

- leave me at the shops, someone might take me home

- pop me in the fire or any other high heat environment

eg. a hot car, next to or on a heater - I will melt

- let your dog play with me, he will win, I cannot fight back

- use me as a frisbee

- forget to take me out on your girls night

- forget to photograph me and tag me #kimmiatkeart

with love & joy

kim xx




New Beginnings #02

  • Clutches are made from original canvas artwork, protected by a plastic outer coating and lined with 100% cotton fabric. 


    Each clutch is hand made and will have minor variations.

    Outer plastic will scratch over time with use.  It is not scratch resistant.


    Do not expose to high temperatures, leave in a car or in full sun.

    Do not immerse in water. Spot clean only with a damp cloth.


    Colour may vary slightly from monitor to monitor, screen to screen, and there may be minor differences in colour between on-screen images and actual product.  Often times, the product will  appear richer in real life.