'Navigating Deep Waters' is an original acyrilic artwork on canvas board by Kim Miatke (Melbourne, VIC). © Kim Miatke

This is the story....


Deep water is exactly that DEEP. It pushes us out of our comfort zone, it challenges our belief in ourselves and in what we are doing, but in the long run it will strengthen us, it will grow us and it will surprise us. When we look back we will be surprised that we didn’t drown. Surprised at how we can learn to swim in waters deeper than before and that we now swim confidently and comfortably in this space that once was terrifying.


Here are the three things I am trying to hold onto in this deep water:

1. Don’t swim alone.We can't swim for each other, but we can cheer for one another, coach each other and celebrate together.


2. Celebrate each little stroke you take forward.Let’s not get so focused on how far is there is to go but celebrate how far we have come.


3. Remember that you have navigated deep waters before and lived to tell the incredible tale.Write yourself notes, pop up pictures and listen to music that reminds you of the many times you learnt to swim in new spaces.


My friends, you and I can do this. We can keep swimming! We will not drown! We will learn! We will grow and we will be stronger and better versions of ourselves for it! I can do this! You can do this!


So fellow deep water dwellers, in the words of Dory “Just Keep Swimming” (Finding Nemo, Disney, 2003).

kim xx

This Artwork is a reflection of these thoughts.

11x14"/20.3 x 25.4cm acrylic painted artwork on canvas board, sealed and ready to for you to pop in a frame and display.

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Navigating Deep Waters

  • 11x14" (20.3 x 25.4cm)

    Acrylic painted artwork on canvas board, sealed and ready for you to pop in a frame and display.


    Colour may vary slightly from monitor to monitor, screen to screen, and there may be minor differences in colour between on-screen images and actual product.  Often times, the prints appear richer in real life. 


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