Calla Collective and Mac + Pat Candles are super excited to bring you Kim Miatke's artwork on this hand poured soy wax candle. Let this playful aroma of musk sticks invoke your chilhood memories of lollybags and parties.  


This is the story of the artwork.



As I lay safely in my bed, under our own roof, my children sound asleep, my heart bled for those of our nation who don't have the same luxury.


So much of our country & so many of our people were affected by or in danger from fires ravaging our land.  I felt helpless.


2020 has continued to be a year of rough, weird & crazy.

Jobs, businesses, schooling, parenting, friendship, family & community have all been shaken, altered, reimagined & some even have sadly ended.

Our hearts have known the full gamit of emotion - from fear, frustration, anger & weariness to rest in pausing & joy in slowing.


When sleep eludes me, helplessness and hopelessness overwhelm me, I have done the only thing I know I can.  I prayed.  I pray for rain on our land, both literally & figuratively.  Rain to rescue were fire burns and the rain of hope on all our hearts as we fight COVID each in our own corner of the world.  Rainbows come after the rain.  


So I pray for rainbows that mean hope has come.

My hearts desire is, that as you burn this beautiful Mac + Pat Candle that your spirit will pause & feel a fresh spark of hope as you walk into this day, this week, this month and this next season of life.

kim xx

100% soy wax candles.  Mac + Pat Candles are lovingly hand poured in their Melbourne studio.  They take pride in using ethically sourced products, lead free cotton wicks and all natural fragrance oils which make their candles 100% biodegradable, vegan, non-toxic & smelling almost delicious enough to eat.


For best results burn your candle for 2-4 hours at a time and TRIM THE WICK before each use. 


Once candle has finished dispose of any existing wax and wicks in the bin (never pour melted wax down the sink). Boiling water will help left any remainding wax. Wash jar thoroughly and reuse as you please. Jars are dishwasher and microwave safe.


Hope Rainbow 40HR+/80HR+ CANDLE