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Kim Miatke is the dreamer and founder of Calla Collective. Her story is one that defies 'art convention'.  She studied straight Maths/Science followed by counselling and then theology, not an art class in sight. While playing with paint alongside her daughter, Matilda, she discovered a passion for, gift of and freedom in creative expression through paint.  Taking the vulnerable step of sharing her work with the big wide world, Kim was and continues to be overwhelmed by the impact it has on the hearts and lives of those it reaches.  

Surrounded by trees and the constant sweet noises of nature in Warrandyte, Victoria, Kim lives with the love of her life Michael and three incredible children - Ella, Jed and Matilda. She loves colour and has an addiction to both coffee and chocolate. She adores her family, lives for holidays, delights in beauty and loves creating.

Kim loves the privilege of journeying with others and sharing the messy, scary, painful & fun moments of her own life with raw honesty. She believes that everyone has creative potential that just needs to be unlocked.


Calla Collective grew out of her passion for seeing others become all that they are created to be.  With a background in counselling as well as sales and marketing Kim loves to work with others to help them see their creative dreams become a reality.  She built Calla as a platform to celebrate, cheer for and champion the cause of other creatives.

Calla is committed to sharing the creative talents of local and Australian makers, artists, designers and brands. Opening our flagship store in November 2019 gave us a place to do exactly that, along with a space to run and host workshops for both adults & children, teaching, sharing and spreading a love for creativity.  

Andrea (Andi) Carmody joined the Calla family early in 2018.  Andi, a fellow creative brings a fabulous and different set of artistic skills.  With a background in performing arts and fashion, she can be found researching, curating and even creating pieces in our beautiful apparel collection, snapping a stunning photo, singing musical theatre classics or dancing up a storm on our Instagram Stories.  

Whatever she is doing, it is done with excellence, a heart filled with love, empathy, kindness and a cheeky sense of humour. 

Calla Collective is made a million times better because Andi is in it.

Together Kim and Andi seek to bring joy, hope, life and light to the world.  They work as a fabulous complimentary team to make the Calla Collective wheels go around, fuelled by mutual love of coffee, people and beautiful pretty things.  xx